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Nato da un’idea imprenditoriale ormai trentennale, è oggi leader nel settore dei filati tinti e grazie ad azioni sinergiche e strategiche, è in grado di coprire l’intera gamma dei servizi e dei prodotti richiesti dal mercato.
Il gruppo opera avvalendosi di un sistema di Gestione Integrata Qualità, Ambiente e Sicurezza in conformità alle normative tecniche di riferimento.
Ciò consente di garantire la qualità del prodotto, la sicurezza dei nostri collaboratori e la tutela dell’ambiente che ci ospita.



Our group has high qualified resources that we put at disposal of our clients. We are able to furnish assistance and technical advice both in the project period and also for any kind of problem that can arise after sale.

The way of the production, from the disposal of the order to the delivery, is provided of a survey system able to constantly value all the quality and quantity parameters.
This last opportunity gives the possibility to our collaborators – and particularly to our clients – to get informed - in a real time – on the proceeding of every single order and also on the goods in stock, through web.

This allows:
• a reduction in the answering time
• the possibility of getting the needed information immediately
• a constant improvement of our service

The internal service of a centralised laboratory gives the possibility to the factories belonging to the group to get a punctual and qualified processing , through web.

The modern equipment of the factory gives us the possibility to find a quick and precise solution to every technical problem.


Competitive advantage

Our organisation can be considered a real productive organisation able to meet all the demands.

The organisation is made of:

• A Laboratory that in few hours can reproduce, in any colour and any yarn, quantities that can start from the few grams of a small hanks, to the number of cones requested by the client.
• An organisation, as t.o.t srl, able to deliver, through a stock service, a series of ready yarns in a great number of colours.
• Three factories of production (Ambrogio Pessina, Comofil and Tintoria Filati Portichetto), each one specialised in a particular product type, able to prepare on cones, to dye and, in case, to retouch every kind of yarn.

The client has therefore the possibility to quickly sample the requested product using the laboratory service or the stock service.
In the moment of the industrial production, with the highest guarantee of quality and colour, exactly alike the sample, the client will be able to decide if to choose from the stock service or from the dyeing mill selling service or if to only use the service of the dyeing on his own row yarn.

Obviously each one of these possibilities will have different costs and answer’s timing.



In the year 2010, the firms of our group have made a synergic operation, opening a chemical laboratory that we consider a real button-hole of our activity.
Provided with the most modern equipments, our laboratory is able to meet any request from the small cone of few grams weight to any number of cones needed by the client for the realisation of the sampling.
The laboratory is open to the visit of the client who wishes to value the product’s quality, the tone of the colour and the setting-up of the article.
An internal area is devoted to the steady research of technical solutions that in the years have given the possibility to our group to realize innovations in the products and in the process that are considered, today, a real “basic” in the different areas of the national textile market.